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"Courtney Tallman has been my hairdresser for the past 3 years. I am a natural brunette who dyes her hair blonde. Courtney has done an amazing job in ensuring that the color and style of my hair always compliments my skin tone and current trends.
For the past 2 years, I have been having Courtney do my hair extensions, as well as my coloring and cuts.  Usually the professional putting in and taking my hair extensions pulls out as much hair as he or she puts in, but again, not Courtney.  She is very cautious and careful when administering and removing my hair extensions as to not pull out any of my own hair.  For the first time, I have long, thick, blonde hair that I love and I no longer need extensions!
I have recommended many of my friends and family and have heard nothing but good reports, and I will continue to be one of Courtney’s very satisfied customers."

Sarah Etcheverry​​​

"I came to Courtney years ago for a simple blow-out and quickly realized I had hit the hair jack pot.  There is nothing Courtney can’t do.  She does the most beautiful color you can imagine and the formula she uses for my hair has been borrowed by other hair dressers for their clients.  I’m constantly stopped on the street and complimented on my color and asked about who does it!!  For a red head, color is tricky but Courtney has managed to match my original natural color, enhance and maintain it.  She also does beautiful extensions, cuts, blow outs, Brazilian straightening, you name it.  She has styled my hair for countless auditions and events and my hair is always the thing most noticed and complimented.  It’s all thanks to Courtney.  Not only is she the best there is, her prices are extremely reasonable and she’s the most charming person you’re likely to meet.  It doesn’t get any better.  Trust me."

Rebecca Creskoff

"If you want the best haircut of your life, then go see Courtney!  I’ve been her client for 8+ years and still get excited to book with her   Over the years I’ve had her do cuts, color, bangs, no bangs and even extensions. Throughout all of the variations she has never disappointed,  but rather had me walking away feeling like a million bucks! If you are thinking about going to Courtney, do it! She is seriously amazing."

Lisa Galindo

"Courtney is amazing. My entire life hair has been an issue, and finding the right hair dresser nearly impossible. When I moved to LA, I was referred to Courtney and could not have been more blessed. After years of bad care, my hair was a dried out unhealthy mess. Not to mention, the ends were falling off like nobody’s business. When I met with Courtney, not only was her kind excited spirit a revelation in a hair stylist, but she asked all the right questions and by the end of my first appointment helped me re figure my hair routine to get back my healthy locks. Literally in weeks I noticed a difference. One of the first things she did for me was extensions. The biggest fear with extensions is that people will know you have them, and that they will damage your hair. Neither of these have ever been the case with Courtney. My hair actually grew faster and people I knew were trying to figure out what drugs I had taken to make my hair grow so fast! Recently I got a Brazilian hair treatment from Courtney. I was nervous at first, but the results are unreal. Courtney is such an expert – she was able to figure out which sections of my hair needed more or less based on texture. You could not ask for a sweeter, more knowledgeable and stylish lady to cut and style your hair."

Rebecca Rivera Berkman

"Courtney did my hair after I had a traumatizing experience at another salon.  I told her the ups and downs of my hair and how I have never been so unhappy with my favorite accessory.  She instantly saw what she had to do.  After getting highlights and trim I felt amazing and looked even better.  Courtney is a great colorist and stylist and was able to maintain the health of my hair.  Within the past 6 weeks I’ve gotten my color done, extensions, cut, and blowouts.  Every time I leave I can’t wait for my next appointment and my next fabulous look."

Erin Lefton

"Courtney was the first and only person that cut my hair exactly how I’ve been trying to describe to hairdressers my entire life!  I’ve had my hair cut and colored by many professionals that have styled me for television and film as well as photo shoots.  I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my hair since Courtney got her hands on it.  It’s also a relief to walk into a salon and see a hairdresser with fabulous hair, herself.  Something that ironically happens very rarely."

April Matson


"Courtney has been my hair stylist for over 8 years. I love the way she does my hair so much that I travel from Bakersfield to LA every 6 weeks to have it done.  Courtney is a one stop shop.  She is great with color, cuts, and hair extensions.  My favorite thing about her is that she always has a suggestion on what she thinks would work for me when I ask her for advice on a new look. My mother, sister, and several friends use her as well.  She is absolutely amazing!"

Meghan McDonald

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